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wall & post signs

If you are looking to add elegance and sophistication to your property using wall and post signs, then T-Signs can provide the perfect solution to your signage needs. Bespoke wall and post signs are the perfect fit for a company that wants to stand out to their customers and turn the heads of foot traffic.

Bespoke engraved signs might be the first thing a potential customer sees, so making an impression is an important factor to consider when looking for personalised signage. Engraved signs are a great way to attract and welcome customers and provide a professional looking direction around a building.

Why Get Wall and Post Signs?

Bespoke post and wall signs are likely to be the first thing a potential customer sees, so standing out and making an impression is a huge factor to consider when looking for personalised signage. The benefits of custom made wall and post signs include:

  • Quality advertisement for your business
  • A way to attract and welcome customers
  • Clearly advertised business hours
  • Promoted products and offers
  • Added character and personality to your business
  • A guide for the building and other areas

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Personalised Wall Signs

wall signs

We are delighted to create personalised wall signs, from company name signs or directional plates for consumer homes all the way up to large commercial wall signs for businesses and companies. We create custom-made wall and post signs for house names, memorial plaques, commemorative plaques, sign posts, business signage and more. With upmost reliability and punctuality, T Signs guarantee quality and technical precision with every design order.
Outdoor wall signs

wall signs

If your project requires a weather resistant sign for your business or engraved plaques for outdoors, T Signs can help. We have many materials to choose from that can withstand weather and long periods outdoors without damage.
Materials for Wall and Post signs

wall and post signs

As professional sign makers, we design and create signs using a wide range of materials, including brass, stainless steel, acrylics, plastics, or wood. We help create that unique and bespoke touch for any brand or company. However, what material is right for your wall or post sign project?
Personalised Wooden Wall & Post Signs

wooden wall & post signs

Wooden wall signs are great for rustic wall plaques or post mounted "welcome" signs. We can design and engrave wood signs exclusively from beautiful hard and soft woods.
Custom Plastic Wall and Post Signs

plastic wall and post signs

Plastic wall and post signs are hardy and available in many different colours to match company branding and personality. We ensure that your plastic wall sign or post mounted sign is made of the correct material whether you prefer moulded plastic or acrylics.
Other Materials for Wall and Post Signs

for wall and post signs

Alternatively, why not try a more modern material for a truly contemporary look? T Signs Ltd can also design and create signs in a wide range of acrylics, or laminates. In this way, any letters engraved through the first layer of laminate allow the colour of the second layer to show through. If you are looking for metal wall plaques, we can use the right metal for your project. Whether it is brass wall plaque or an acrylic post sign you are looking for, T Signs ensure your project is completed with the upmost quality.

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At T Signs Ltd, we are passionate about every service we provide to you, therefore we are proud of the work we achieve for our clients. See what makes our customers choose T Signs Ltd for all of their signage needs.

We have found Lawrence and his team to be very helpful when working with us on some of our LED display signs projects. They are always very pleasant and courteous to the clients as well as, speedy and efficient in terms of completing the project installation as scheduled. We look forward to further projects together in the future!

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wall & post signs

When customers are looking for a wall or post sign, they often ask these common questions, which we are happy to answer. If the information you are looking for isn’t listed here, don’t hesitate to get in touch about your wall and post sign project.

How much does a wall or post sign cost?

Every wall and post sign is different, and pricing is based on the materials, the size, lighting, the graphic design and much more. The beauty of working with a professional wall and post sign company is we can give you a quote based on your exact requirements, whether you want a simple flat sign, or an extravagant custom style.

What are post and wall signs made from?

All our signs are long lasting and built to stand up to harsh outdoor conditions, so we often use plastics and acrylics which also offer good value for money, while metal and wood provide a super stylish finish. All materials for our signs can also be engraved to include logos and text for an added personalised touch. However, we listen to the customer and guide them based on their budget, design, and the branding they are going for. You will want your signs to last for many years, which is why we construct our wall and post signs from durable materials.

Why are wall and post signs important?

With any company building, or personal property, the look of your signage is as important as the function. Whether you have a custom post sign for directions to your rural home, a wall sign for directing your customers, or a sign marketing your own small business from your property, people do judge a book by its cover. These types of signs might be the first touch point someone has with you, which it is why it is essential to make a fantastic first impression with signs that stand the test of time.

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